About Honicombe Manor

  • 1300s

    First records of Honyacombe House
  • 1300s

    Black death kills millions - House falls into disrepair
  • 1337

    Ownership of Honyacombe moves to the Duchy of Cornwall
  • 1400s

    Name spelt differently - Honeycombe House
  • 1485

    War of the Roses ends
  • 1452

    Leonardo da Vinci is born
  • 1500s

    Property, now spelt Honicombe, reduced in size to 30 acres
  • 1556

    2 years before Elizabeth I became queen Honycombe passed to Thomas Stentaford and William Bartlett
  • 1936

    Last male Honeycombe to live in Cornwall dies
  • 1798

    During the reign of George III, ownership of Honeycombe moves from the Duchy of Cornwall to private owner
  • 1850s

    Name changed to Honicombe
  • 1856

    House renovated and front porch added - you can still see the owner's initials carved into the stonework of this new structure
  • Early 1900s

    House bought by Earl of Mount Edgcumbe
  • 1920s

    Honicombe is sold privately by Mount Edgcumbes
  • 1950s

    House falls into state of disrepair
  • 1950s

    House put on the market for £4,000 (£135,000 in today's money)
  • 1977

    Becomes Honicombe Holiday Centre and Caravan Park
  • 1980s

    Honicombe Manor purchased privately - addition of swimming pool, chalets & bungalows
  • 1984

    Gathering of 160 Honeycombes from all over the world held at Honicombe
  • August 1999

    Honicombe hosts hundreds of visitors for total solar eclipse
  • Today

    Honicombe Manor continues to welcome families to the holiday park